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MedEthio is an advanced Windows based patient information management software which is a collection of multipurpose medical modules specifically developed for Ethiopian clinics and hospitals. MedEthio enable doctors to effectively manage the daily operation of their clinic or hospital. The ability to be deployed over a networked environment allows MedEthio to be used by doctors, laboratory technicians and front desk receptionists at the same time. MedEthio HMIS will let your patients know that they can come to your hospital or clinic any time they want without worrying about having their patient card in their pockets.

Front desk receptions can search and find patient data in under 3 seconds using the patient’s name, father’s name or phone number. Clinics and Hospitals around Ethiopia can ask for a free license to test and use MedEthio HMIS on their computer for an unlimited amount of time.
MedEthio HMIS consists of different modules that perform different kinds of tasks which can be used separately or together. Doctors and clinic / hospital owners can select and buy only the modules they need thus saving money by spending exactly on what their facility’s needs.

Available Modules

Patient Information Management Module

  • Registration of Patients (Patient photos supported)
  • Fast patient search using ‘name’ or ‘phone number’
  • Grouping patients (Inpatient, outpatient, custom)
  • Patient visit history

Medical Billing | Sales Manager

  • Managing daily and monthly sales
  • Printing sales attachments for patients
  • Printing Cash and credit invoices
  • Flexible tax settings

Doctor / Patient Appointment Scheduling Module

  • Managing doctor and patient appointment dates
  • Flexible Reminder system
  • Coloring and labeling different appointments

Report Manager

  • Powerful reporting system
  • Daily and monthly sales reports
  • Patient history reports

Image Manager

  • Managing diagnostic result of patients (eg. X-Ray)
  • Labeling and storing other digital images

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