Our human resource and payroll processing software is a state of the art system reduces time consuming manual payroll processing and employee information management. Our hrm and payroll software allows your company to have reliable, accurate and consistent hrm system which easily provides information about employees and previous payroll records.

Basic Employee Information

Basic employee information such as full name, birth date, marital status, employment date, id details, bank details, contact address.

Extended Employee Information

Additional employee information such as family details, emergency contacts, guarantees, qualifications, employment history and more…

Income Tax, Pension, PF, Cost Sharing, Medical and other taxes

Our HRM and Payroll System has customizable taxes such as income tax, pension, pf, cost sharing, medical and additional  taxes that can easily be configured by your staff. You can add different types of taxes for different employees. For example, some employees might need to have income tax and pension while others might need to have income tax and PF only.

Company Structure

Create the company and organization structure that fits your company’s needs. You can create different branches, departments and job positions.

Multi Location / Branch

You can manage different employees located in different branches. Our HRM and Payroll software gives easy and useful tools to manage, sort, and filter employees using different branches / locations.

Leave Tracking

Manage different leave types of leaves for employees such as sick leave, annual, paid, maternity leave, etc. Our HRM and Payroll software keeps track of the number of days and available leave days (balance).


Easily add or remove different types allowances for employees such as acting allowance, hardship allowance, bonus, position allowance, and more. Allowances can be configured to be taxable or non taxable depending on your company’s policy and Ethiopian law.


Request and approval system for employee loan that can be deducted from PF or salary. The system can automatically deduct loan from payroll or PF.

Absenteeism and Deductions

Manage employee absenteeism records and keep track employee deductions and disciplinary cases such as penalty and more.


Easily manage different types of employee overtime (normal, night, weekend, holiday) and easily keep track of overtime payments on payroll.

Export Options

Our HRM system can easily export data to different formats such as excel, pdf, csv and more.


Our HRM and Payroll system has different types of reports ranging from employee list, employee turnover, previous payrolls, payroll slip, overtime, allowances, loan, and more.

Extensions - ERCA Document Template

Our HRM and Payroll software can be extended to print payroll, income tax and pension on documents which are compatible with the manual templates of Ethiopian Revenues and Customs authority (ERCA).

Extensions - Import from Excel

Our HRM and Payroll software can import employees from existing excel data. If your company has many employees our system allows you to import basic employee information from an existing excel file.

Extensions - Bio-metric Attendance System Integration

Our HRM and Payroll software can be integrated with various types of bio-metric / fingerprint attendance systems. Our software can import monthly attendance and overtime from various types of data exported from attendance system.