Pay-per-Click advertising(Ad) is a proven internet advertising solution that allows companies to advertise products and services over the internet. Pay per click advertising is very effective because companies(advertisers) pay when ads are displayed on websites i.e impressions and a customer clicks on the advertisements i.e. links. The advertisements appear as sponsored links on Google and Facebook and other popular websites. Once online ads are created for your products and services, they will be displayed in different websites worldwide using Google, Microsoft and Facebook ad network.

Epion Computer Solutions has a proven advertising and marketing strategy to manage campaigns, target customers and advertise products over the internet. We have the capability to target specific geography or demography. We can target customers in North America or Ethiopia or Africa or Asia or Addis Ababa or Europe, any country or city where your potential customers live.

We can also advertise on Facebook to reach a specific customers group such as U.S., Western Europe or former students of Addis Ababa University or Ethiopians who live in Seattle Area or customers in Addis Ababa. This will give you the unique opportunity to advertise your products and services directly to where it matters and this will in turn save your resource and time and increases your profits.