Software solutions give us the unique opportunity to make sure that our company’s operation is performed as we want it to be. Security, accuracy, consistency and reliability are some of the qualities of software solutions and these qualities will help your business run smoother than ever before. Our company has developed and delivered customized software applications for factories, health facilities and major corporations in Ethiopia. We also provide quick and priority support for all our clients whether it’s a modification on the existing software, training new employees on how to use our software or providing support to the existing users. Our company specializes in providing the following types of software solutions

Human Resource (HRM) and Payroll

Our human resource and payroll software is a state of the art system that can manage all employee information and easily process payroll. The HRM and payroll systems allows you to avoid manual payroll calculations that will save you valuable time and give you accuracy and consistency. Learn More

Inventory and Stock

Our Inventory software provides you with an easy way to manage the movement of items and products within your company. The inventory system allows you to manage items’ balance at different stores / warehouses, sales issue vouchers, good receiving notes, transfers, customers and more. Learn More

Medical Software

Our patient information management system offers clinics and hospitals an easy way to manage and categorize patient information. You can easily find a patients card and full information using his/her name, phone number and other details.

Customer Relation (CRM)

Our customer relation management (CRM) software provides you with an elegant solution to organize customer data. The CRM software records full information about your customers, categorizes them to different groups and provides insightful analysis on their interaction with your business.