Our Inventory / stock software provides you with an easy way to manage the movement of items and products within your company. Here are some of it’s features

  • Easily manage driver’s data such as Name, license number, license expiry date
  • Manage Vehicle data – license number, motor capacity, horsepower, chassis number, model, make, manufacture year, manufacture country, fuel type, color, etc…
  • Get alerts for driver’s licenses that are expiring soon, annual car inspection, insurance expiration dates, etc…
  • Configure your own mileages of different designations for different vehicles
  • Manage vehicle trips – record Trip date, cargo type, driver, destination, return date, starting and ending km readings, fuel costs and other additional costs
  • Minimize vehicle trip costs by setting your own thresholds for millage, KM traveled and more.
  • Vehicle service history – Manage service types, last service date, items required for the service and total cost vehicle service
  • Generate various types of reports